Gender and power relations

#MeToo in the Arts

The network IETM, On the Move – OTM, and FACE – Fresh Arts Coalition Europe, have together launched the publication #MeToo in the Arts: From call-outs to structural change  which is the culmination of the SHIFT project’s work on Gender and Power Relations

The publication begins with main observations that aim to nuance some preconceptions while taking into consideration the diversity of contexts in Europe. Furthermore, it includes recommendations and solution-oriented strategies for the arts sector in general – and European cultural networks in particular – for combating sexual harassment and power abuse, and creating equitable and safe professional environments for art workers. The publication also presents stories of change which are case studies derived from interviews covering countries that are usually less “on the spot” when it comes to #MeToo cases (especially those in Central, Eastern, and Southern Europe), with the aim of providing a more balanced and contextualised picture of the current situation across the continent.

Check out publication here.

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