Re-Connect Online Performance Festival

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* Digital Theatre Academy

Re-Connect Online Performance Festival invites international artists and scholars of all disciplines who use digital media technologies to submit a proposal to participate in our second annual festival.

The festival’s goal is to reconnect artists and audiences, especially during the social distancing era. The festival closes that distance by providing an inclusive digital network for artists to engage global audiences with new, innovative, and challenging performance art.

The festival will take place from March 25- April 12, 2021, and the theme of this second edition is Re-Connect: Borderless.


  • We are currently connected to a global issue, regardless of race or belief. Now is a good time to exchange knowledge and culture in solidarity. 

  • While the internet may seem like a democratizing force, we know that online access is not equal across the globe. Issues with infrastructure, connectivity, accessibility, and censorship can restrict people from participating in public performances. Our festival provides an accessible and economical platform that uses the internet to educate and entertain the public. 

  • Digital, environmental and experiential performances have often been considered a byproduct of indoor festivals. At this festival, we strive to provide a unique space for this kind of performance and to dare the artists to challenge mainstream artistic norms.

  • This virtual event is an opportunity for global artists, scholars, and students to discuss performances and theoretical subjects. Our effort is to hold a festival without borders that intellectually engages audiences with both online panels and performances.


  • Each performance should be designed to be performed or experienced live on digital platforms for a global online audience. (Web, mobile app, VR, AR, streaming and social media platforms)

    Each performance can be designed either for one space or through the use of multiple simultaneous social media or livestream feeds. 

  • The performances should be original. Adapted works are permitted if they are live, web-based adaptations of texts and performances. 

  • Each performance must use digital tools or devices in the process of creation or presentation.

    The festival does not intend to broadcast pre-recorded performances. In our opinion, even live streaming of a stage performance is not considered “online performance”. We are looking for original artworks designed or adapted specfically for the web and digital platforms.

    If the language of your performance is not English, a subtitle or a transcript file is required.

  • No limitations on the number of the performers, length of the performance, size of the audience, technique, or subjects.


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