Rendez-Vous on Theatralanaya Square etsii festivaalille suomalaista teatteria

International Theater Festival on the love theme RENDEZ-VOUS ON THEATRALNAYA SQUARE 15.-21.11.2021 etsii festivaalille suomalaista teatteria.

Hakuaika 30.3.2021 mennessä.

TINFOn TAKO-hanke tarjoaa festivaalille valituille suomalaisryhmille mentorointitukea (sopimus- ja rahoitusneuvottelut). (ks. "The Festival conditions")

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Location: main stage of Ryazan Drama Theater

Participants: we invite all the interested parties (professional theatres, theatre companies) from Russia and abroad to apply for the participation in the next edition of the Festival and to present the highest quality productions devoted to the love theme.

Application Forms should be submitted by 30 March, 2021.

The Festival conditions:

- accommodation and meals for 2 days (no more than 26 persons - main stage; 7 persons - small stage);
. If the number of participants exceeds, the extra participants will be on the company’s expenses.
- transport within Ryazan region;
- culture program.

No fees are paid.

The applicants should submit the following material about their performances (in electronic form):

- Summary of the performance and published theatre critics’ reviews;
- Summary about the theatre company, stage director, actors;
- At least 8 photos of selected scenes from the performance (high resolution);
- Video of the entire performance: DVD or web link;
- Technical rider.

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