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Rewiring the Network (for the Twenties)

IETM is a network with more than 500 organisations and people who work with contemporary performances worldwide. Through Rewiring the Network (for the twenties), the members of IETM took part in a year-long journey to collectively engage in envisioning a transition into a more sustainable future for the network and for the performing arts.

Under the coordination of our research partner IDEA Consult, we have developed this transition from an artistic, social, economic, ecological and human point of view. We have identified current pressures and promises of the performing arts. We have identified alternative models, values, practices and experiments that we as a sector – along with our funders – should bring in from the margins to the centre. 

The report of our work is now out and it marks a new beginning. This report is an accumulation of ideas which now need to be turned into concrete strategies for the coming years. Our work can provide IETM members with keys to change their own practices and organisations. Likewise, our findings can be of use for other cultural networks and organisations which are looking to change their existing methods and habits and to discover new ways to work together in a sustainable way, internationally.  

You can download the full report, or read the executive summary.

Rewiring the Network: Resetting the agenda for IETM | IETM

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