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SPRING (Netherlands) is looking for an Artistic Director

Each year, SPRING presents two festivals, the SPRING Performing Arts Festival in May and, in cooperation with Stadsschouwburg Utrecht, the festival SPRING in Autumn in the fall. For its programme SPRING seeks out the latest developments in contemporary performing arts, with a specific focus on cross-over forms.

SPRING is looking for an Artistic Director (from 1 August)

SPRING is looking for an engaged Artistic Director who combines a good knowledge of the (international) performing arts and its latest developments with an awareness of current social and political discourses. A special interest in interdisciplinary arts practices is desirable.

We are looking for a person whose artistic vision brings together the local with the global; a personality whose enthusiasm can motivate the team and (possible) partners; a good networker and communicator who can connect with artists, partners, funders and the public alike.

We offer a leading position in one of the major performing arts festivals of the Netherlands. SPRING with its two editions, SPRING Performing Arts Festival in May and SPRING in Autumn, enjoys a good reputation nationally and internationally. The public funding for the coming four years is secured. In cooperation with the managing director you can further develop the existing four-year strategy plan according to your artistic vision and strengthen the unique position of SPRING as an essential cultural voice in the country.

Job description

Place within the organisation
The Artistic Director forms the organisation’s management in tandem with the Business Director. The two directors are jointly responsible for SPRING’s strategy and policies and for maintaining relationships with stakeholders, including funding bodies. They report directly to the Supervisory Board.

The Artistic Director’s primary responsibility is the organisation’s artistic strategy. The Artistic Director is a sparring partner for the Business Director on business and human resources policy.

Job description and responsibilities

Artistic Strategy

  • developing and formulating SPRING’s (long-term) artistic strategy and overseeing its implementation;
  • curating the annual festival programme;
  • selecting artists for residencies and (co-)productions and coaching them;
  • inviting outside coaches for residencies and (co-)productions;
  • visiting/following shows, festivals and events, both within the Netherlands and abroad, to make an informed selection of artists for the annual programme;
  • developing, in consultation with the Business Director, strategic initiatives for audience development.


  • (co)managing persons employed by or performing duties for SPRING;
  • setting the parameters, in consultation with the Business Director, for the organisation’s marketing and communications strategy.

Business relations and fundraising/partnerships

  • setting up and implementing a fundraising plan in consultation with the Business Director to acquire funding and sponsoring from outside parties, and initiating and maintaining contact with existing and potential funders;
  • reaching out to and maintaining contact with companies and artists;
  • reaching out to and maintaining contact with collaborators in the Netherlands and abroad.


  • executive duties such as drawing up and enacting the (long-term) strategic plan, the budget, the annual report and the annual accounts, being responsible for a sound administration and management of the organisation’s resources and acting as its spokesperson.


Competencies and qualities

  • at least 5 years of professional experience within the performing arts;
  • proven experience and qualifications to manage artistic processes;
  • sensitive antennae to pick up the latest developments within the arts;
  • a connector and team player – connecting different worlds and able to inspire and motivate people;
  • an artistic visionary with a good sense of reality;
  • excellent knowledge of the Dutch context, both the cultural sector and wider society;
  • a strong sense of commitment;
  • a relevant network both in the Netherlands and internationally, or capable of establishing one swiftly;
  • proficiency in Dutch and English (international candidates must be willing to learn Dutch);

SPRING offers a one-year contract from 1 August with a view to a permanent position, full time (36 h/week), salary in accordance with the Collective Labour Agreement (CAO Podia) scale 9 (max € 5343).

For further information regarding SPRING festival and the organisation, visit springutrecht.nl. For any further questions, send an email to sollicitatie.artistiekdirecteur@springutrecht.nl to arrange for a telephone conference with Tanja Mlaker (Chair of the Supervisory Board).

Send your resume and cover letter before or on 10 March to sollicitatie.artistiekdirecteur@springutrecht.nl. The first round of interviews will be held in week 13 and 14.

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