Schloss Bröllin international art research location

Schloss Bröllin international art research location

Applications for 2021 residencies at Schloss Bröllin

The application procedure and guidelines for residencies in 2021 are online !

Applicationform and guidelines

Deadline for submission is 10.10.2020  
International artist groups can apply for a residency for the production of dance, theatre, circus and performance projects for a maximum of two weeks.

Martin Stiefermann Artistic Director Residency Programme
Marcin Zabielski Assistance /Dramaturgy Residency Programme

Save the date: 29.8.2020 18.30 Online-Presentation (click here)
Schwäbischer Online Albverein
The collective goes on performative wanderings, both on- and offline. In day-long performances, they click their way through the Black Forest or first climb the highest mountain in the solar system on Mars, declare Google Maps to be their gallery, or walk around a tree for eight hours and declare the resulting path a temporary sculpture.

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