Call: Solo Creation Lab with Kitt Johnson

Solo Creation Lab with Kitt Johnson

A laboratory designed for professional artists who are currently working on a solo! 
Maybe you have just formulated the initial concept, maybe you already started the actual creation or maybe you are close to completing the work, but questioning the montage, the dramaturgy or the time/space aspects related to the act of performing the work?
In this laboratory we will jointly dissect the conceptual, compositional, and dramaturgic aspects of a solo work. We will sharpen the scenic translation of a given idea and strengthen the physical as well as the performative vocabulary. We will work together and separately. We will exchange ideas and sketches. We will expand the range of possibilities and challenge the choreographic thinking.

18th - 22nd of  November 2024
HOTSTEPPER studio (the former Dansens Hus)
Hørsholmsgade 20, A, 1st floor, Nørrebro, Copenhagen.

You might be a choreographer, dancer, theatre-maker, visual or circus artist etc.. You might work cross disciplinary or strictly within one genre, but as long as your body is one of the major driving forces in the unfolding of your idea into a solo performance, this laboratory is relevant to you.

2.400 Danish kr. to be paid in two rates. The first one of 500 kr. by 1st of September. This first rate is a “no-show fee,” which will not be refunded in case you do not attend the laboratory. The “no-show fee” is of course refunded in case of cancellation of the laboratory. The second rate of 1.900 kr. must be paid at by the 1st of November at the latest.

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