Sustainability in Performing Arts: Artists’ talk and workshop

Artists’ talk with Company Acting for Climate and workshop by Blind Gut Company in context of the Ruutia! Festival in Helsinki
Date: Friday August 27 at 14.00–16.00
Venue: Dance Theatre Hurjaruuth, Cable Factory, Tallberginkatu 1 A, 2nd floor
Hybrid event: Participate in Zoom or live at the venue.
Performing arts company Acting for Climate works in the intersection between arts and environmentalism. Through interdisciplinary collaborations, a constant search of new methods and expressions, and a belief that both the process and the product are political, they strive towards developing the art field, and changing the world.
Acting for Climate comes to Ruutia! festival with their project BARK. It deals with climate change and the possibility of social change. – What does applying sustainability in working methods mean for the team? What kind of findings do they have at this point of their journey with BARK? Circus artists Heidi Miikki and Abigael Winsvold of Acting for Climate will join us in the talk.
After the talk, Saana Peura and Tuomas Vuorinen of the Helsinki-based Blind Gut Company will host a group discussion workshop on sustainability in circus arts.
Blind Gut Company has actively encouraged discussion on sustainability in performing arts and organised last year an online discussion on this theme in the Finnish context. Building on this experience they will share questions and findings with colleagues.
The event is organised in collaboration with Dance Theatre Hurjaruuth, Stoa, CircusInfo Finland and Blind Gut Company.
All performing art professionals and others interested are invited to participate in the event live in the Hurjaruuth foyer or online. We have room for 20 participants at the venue. You can also participate in the discussion via Zoom.
Please register by August 25, so that we know that you are coming: https://forms.gle/hSej7eUy4if8gYnx5

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