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Tender Absence: Call for Digital Performance Commissions, ‘lone|some’ (Online)

Tender Absence is a platform that produces digital, artistic formats – it’s a festival and a playful on-and-offline get-together. Examining digital contacts and experiences, the focus is on innovative formats that figure out local situatedness, apart from real current physical connection, and its global relation. 

Tender Absence is now inviting artists to apply for loneIsome, a commissioning programme that will see the creation of experimental personal encounters in digital space. Delving into local surroundings, the commissioned works will consist of individual performances designed for 1-3 audience members. 

How about exploring and questioning other peoples local reality and connecting it to a global approach? Which local characteristics are inherent to the personal neighbourhood and which locals spots and private routes inspire you to gain access to its very own microcosm? How to connect personal environments to global contexts? Is it possible to transform space – either local or global – from its ‘glocal’ form to a digital form? 

As a solo artist or collective, loneIsome offers you the chance to try out innovative formats. You can start experiments in between digital spaces and analogue worlds that embrace a context of ‘glocality’ and one-on-one contacts.

Tender Absence offers: 

  • 1000€ budget
  • Dramaturgical accompaniment.
  • Audience guiding at each performance.
  • Technical support and PR.

Deadline: 13 June 2021

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