The Good The@ter Festival

The Good The@ter Festival & Aw@rds aims at honoring the best theater talent in the world to have performed online, to a real-time audience, irrespective of geographies, boundaries, language barriers, and definitely the world crisis.

While honoring the talent that has kept theater alive by performing online, the Festiv@l is also designed to raise funds for the less privileged theater artisans who have lost their livelihoods to the pandemic.

The Good The@ter Festival invites theater groups and production companies from across the world to register and participate in the festival.

All theater groups that participate will submit their scripts/concept notes and showcase their plays in the preliminary rounds that will be held as part of the screening process to finalize the best plays that would be shortlisted for the festival. Reasonable production costs will be reimbursed.
(September to October 2020.)

Plays may be in any language. For plays in languages other than English, a  transcription in English must be submitted to the organizers, for the benefit of the Jury Panel, at the time (either before or directly after) the play is performed for the first time within the festival selection process.

The entry and processing fee for any group that would like to enter their play for the preliminary rounds is USD 30.  Against this, the participating theater group will get the equivalent in tickets for their performance.

Each ePlay entered will get a performance time of 15 minutes. The entry can be an excerpt from a longer production or it can be a short ePlay created for the festival. (The festival can be used to create awareness for longer ePlays produced by the entering team.). Each play must be a minimum of 10 minutes in run-time.

All entries have to be performed live via Zoom.  The festival jury and a paying audience will be present at the eAuditorium at the time of the performance.

Rules for Participation

The Aw@rds will be decided by a Jury Panel composed of theater professionals and academics from various countries and continents.
There will be an audience poll, but only for the jury to gauge how well the production engaged with
the audience.

The winners will receive a Certificate of Merit from The Red Curtain Good The@ter Festival along with
a cash prize of USD 500
for each category.

  1. The Best Performance in a leading role
  2. The Best Performance in a supporting role
  3. The Best Script
  4. The Best use of Technology
  5. The Best Director
  6. The Best Production

The winners may choose to keep the prize money or donate it to a festival-approved Theater Guild in their respective country/continent that supports artists facing economic hardship because physical theaters are closed.

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