ITI Academy Kick off

The ITI-Academy Kick Off event

The ITI-Academy Kick Off event invites to a first meeting point of exchange and discussion

The complexity and rapidity of economic transformation and social challenges changes all of us on this planet. As a seismograph and vivid laboratory, the performing arts can play their part in creating visions and utopian perspectives for a future worth living in planetarian commons together. Burning issues of sustainability, climate change, decolonisation, equality, and the influence of new technologies can no longer be disregarded when putting on a festival or transnational collaboration.

With the ITI Academy, the International Theatre Institute Germany is facing these issues and will launch in 2022 this new exchange and training programme for the next generation of cultural and theatre professionals. A lively platform is thereby formed already now – with the Kick Off of the ITI Academy – for encounter, qualification and discourse in order to re-consider, re-imagine and re-think the role of international festivals and collaborations, their social and political function, their audiences and communities and curatorial practices.

The open kick off weekend can be attended online and on spot in Berlin.


Friday 3-12-2021

18:30 CET/ ITI, groundfloor Bethanien/ on site only
Welcome – in the exhibition “Weltraum” about the history of Theater der Welt

19:00 CET/ Studio 1/ hybrid
Who cares? Narratives of contemporary international performing art festivals and collaborations
Keynote Dr. Nicola Scherer
Panel Discussion with Annika Rachor, Dr. Nicola Scherer and Sasapin Siriwanij

21:00 CET/ Studio 1/ on site only
Screening & Get Together: “Theater in Trance” (1981) – documentary directed by R.W. Fassbinder about Theater der Welt 1981 in Cologne

Saturday 4-12-2021

10:00 CET/ ITI, groundfloor Bethanien/ on site only
Morning Meeting

Workshop session I
10:30 CET/ Studio 1/ hybrid
"How are we gonna make it work?" - Administrative and organisational challenges in festival planning
with Paul Viebeg and Felix Sodemann

10:30 CET/ Media Library/ hybrid
What remains when the festival is over
with Maxim Wittenbecher and Christine Henniger

13:00 CET/ Studio 1/ hybrid
Outlook to Theater der Welt 2023
with the curators Chiaki Soma and Kyoko Iwaki

Workshop session II
15:00 CET/ Studio 1/ hybrid
Perspectives of decolonisation of festival making
with Nora Amin

17:00 CET/ Studio 1/ hybrid
Resumé of the Kick Off
with Malin Nagel, Dr. Nicola Scherer and Nora Amin

19:30 CET/ Maxim Gorki Theater
Visit of a theatre performance 1000 Serpentinen Angst
by Olivia Wenzel, directed by Anta Helena Recke

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