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UNFIX Festival: Call for Artists (Online)

UNFIX is an arts festival based in Scotland, with partners in New York City, Tokyo and Bologna. They programme work concerned with ecological crisis, climate change, hyper-capitalism and all the things that might help to address them: love, care, imagination, joy and dissent.

Though everything has changed for humans in the last year, UNFIX’s desires and approach are still the same: to find out through art who the Anthropocene is asking us to be, and to seek ways of connecting as if audiences and artists deserve more than distraction and entertainment.

Pulling on the thread of climate change, we find the fabric of everything spooling out in front of us: How we treat each other, who gets included, where the waste goes, how the money gets divided, what about the animals, what about the weather, what about our souls. Are we happy yet? Do we even want to get there?

This year UNFIX will have to reinvent itself and offer a programme that connects virtually, through unexpected avenues. They welcome proposals from digital geniuses and filmmakers but also dancers, musicians, writers, performance artists and others who didn’t plan on making art in this way.

Artists will receive a fee depending on the work: how many people are involved, whether it’s already been made, and expenses in making it.

Please fill in the application form and send it to us by no later than 2nd April 2021.

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