Eurodram: Dimanche - Cie Focus / Cie Chaliwaté ©Göran Gnaudschun

UNIDRAM 2024 International Theatre Festival Potsdam

30th International Theatre Festival Potsdam

Unidram is a laboratory for the future, which offers a platform for modern, innovative drama to independent theatre-makers and their creative potential.
In 2024 UNIDRAM will once again be presenting a wide-ranging programme of diverse theatre from throughout Europe. There will be a special focus on visual productions that span different genres.

Suggestions and applications for the 2024 festival can be submitted now. We consider all applications except for productions in the areas of children's and youth theatre and classical drama. The artistic commission will inform by e-mail all the companies, whether or not their application has been selected, during the month of June 2024 .

The deadline for applications for UNIDRAM 2024 is 29th February 2024.

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