TINFO News – Situated Performances and Performers (PAINOS LOPPU)

TINFO News – Situated Performances and Performers (PAINOS LOPPU)

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TINFO News on englanninkielinen lehti suomalaisesta teatterista, näytelmistä ja taiteilijoista.

TINFO News is a magazine on Finnish theatre, drama and artists.


Situated Performances and Performers – Finnish Contemporary Theatre

Nirvana Theatre – Making Theatre with Punk Attitude

Esa Kirkkopelto – Artist and Researcher

New Spaces for Performance Art in Helsinki

Oblivia from Helsinki – A company of the Year

Kristian Smeds: Wake up Dostoyevsky!

The Fourth Member of the Theatre Group Nya Rampen

Sacred City The Art of Moving an Elephant

Around the Campfire of the Performing Arts

Publisher: TINFO – Theatre Info Finland
Editors in this issue: Sari Havukainen, Hanna Helavuori, Jukka Hytti
Design: Sari Havukainen, Piia Volmari
Translators: Martina Marti and Delingua Language Service
Original graphic design concept for TINFO by BOTH – Creative Design Agency

36 pages
Printed in Paino-Jussit, Kerava, Finland


0.00 €