AiR Vesteraalen

Vesteraalen Artist Residency Programme, Norway

AiR Vesterålen is a comprehensive artist residency programme for five municipalities in the Vesterålen islands, Norway. The principal partners are Nordland Academy for Arts and Science (NAKV), Cultural Cooperation in Vesterålen (including the municipalities) and Museum Nord.

The aim of the residencies is to help develop identity, knowledge, awareness and experiences. The organisers seek to make Vesterålen visible to others and to reinforce cultural cooperation in the region. The project is intended to leave visible traces and contribute to local development.

There are five residencies, in different locations and with different themes, which take place at different periods through the year:

  • Bø – Art/Nature/Play

  • Øksnes – Art / Coastal Culture

  • Andøya – Art / Technology

  • Sortland – Art / Urban Spaces

  • Hadsel – Art / Community

The organisers are looking for a group of artists, or up to three individuals who would work alongside each other. Artists and creative practitioners are welcome to apply individually or as collectives. These will be selected by the project from a curatorial choice. Applications are welcomed from people who live and work in Europe (EU, EEA and UK).

Any professional artist, regardless of gender, region or religion, is welcome to apply. We invite established as well as emerging artists, curators and writers. Also practitioners from any art-related discipline, cross-discipline practices are welcome to apply.

Each group will get two stays of ten days each. The first residency stay will be used to become familiar with the local community, do research, meet local citizens and partners in collaboration, and begin the creative process. During the second stay of the residency, the idea is to focus on presentation and, if possible, to link this to already existing cultural events. This phase involves the production of a final work that will be shared with the public.

A fee of 7000 NOK (~700 EUR) will be paid to each artist, per residency stay. The project will cover travel and accommodation costs. The project will also provide a rental vehicle during the artists’ residency if this is needed. The costs of materials, equipment and other production expenses amounting up to 10,000 NOK for the second stay, will be covered by the project.

First deadline: 1 May 2021

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