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Young Urban Performances Festival: Call for Performances

Young Urban Performances Festival are looking for performances, video performances or performative installations by groups or individual performers on the topic of ‘Pleasure’. The festival itself will take place on 18-20 March 2022 in Osnabrück, Germany. 

‘We are looking: for Pleasure(-Activists), intimacy, closeness and sexiness. We long for touch, for bodily fluids and frictions. We want to feel pleasure, devote ourselves and let go. We are hungry, desiring and shameless. We want to understand nudity and eroticism as a means of expression, to rebel against sexist, heteronormative and racialising attributions, and as a political issue against internalised and lived established structures in intimate relationships.’

The selected works will be remunerated and the festival will pay for travel and accommodation expenses. 


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