PEERS pre-PhD Programme

Zurich University of the Arts: PEERS pre-PhD Programme for Emerging Artistic Researchers (Switzerland)

PEERS is a pre-PhD programme of the Department of Performing Arts and Film at Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK). Its aim is to support emerging artistic researchers who are interested in pursuing a doctorate in the arts, foremost yet not exclusively in the performing arts and film.

For a period of one year, starting in March 2023, participants will be offered the opportunity to benefit from an intensive mentoring and training programme. Participants will benefit from peer-to-peer learning in the Junior Research Group and will receive tailored support aimed at promoting their individual development. They will be assisted in developing their research plan, as well as in searching and applying for artistic PhD programmes at ZHdK and beyond. They will also become part of the vibrant research environment at ZHdK (such as labpractice, colloquia, symposia, research academies), and will gain access to the University’s outstanding infrastructure and relevant professional networks.

Programme activities: 

  • Mentoring: PEERS participants are mentored by two mentors, who are chosen individually from a pool of mentors at ZHdK, partner universities, and beyond. Every participant receives 44 mentoring hours during the year (equivalent to one contact hour a week during the semester).
  • Workshops & training: Four intensive workshops and classes on artistic research methods, application strategies for PhD programmes, and presentation skills (14 days in total), as well as a one-week summer residency.
  • Junior Research Group (JRG): PEERS participants are part of the JRG, together with PhD students of the department. The JRG offers innovative collaboration formats, practice-led research and ongoing peer-to-peer-learning.
  • Individual development: An individual financial plan will be devised with every participant at the beginning of the programme. Participants are each awarded a personal budget of up to CHF 3000. This amount can be used to cover research trips, equipment, books, conference or festival participation, as well as other activities and measures serving to develop one’s research plan. Participants’ travel expenses to Zurich and their accommodation costs are also covered.

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