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Finnish Cultural Foundation: World on Stage Grant

The aim of the Cultural Foundation's World on Stage form of funding is to enable Finnish theatres to translate into Finnish and perform 30 new, contemporary plays from around the world.

Theatres may apply for the grant for the first time in the Cultural Foundation's August 2022 round of applications. The application period will take place at the same time in the following years. In total, this new funding to translate and perform plays during 2022-2024 will amount to EUR 1,2 million.

Theatre Info Finland (Teatterin tiedotuskeskus TINFO), a partner in the initiative, will organise World on Stage days for theatres, where current works as of yet not translated into Finnish from contemporary playwrights will be presented. Basic information and text samples of these works will be added into a database published on the TINFO website. A total of 75 works will be selected as representative plays by 2024. The grant may be applied, however, for other plays as well.

A large part of domestic texts being performed in theatres is nowadays written for a single production. A play that has had its premiere is rarely reproduced into a new performance in another theatre in Finland. The World on Stage initiative includes an option to publish the translated plays later as anthologies. The goal is for the plays to have continuity after their premieres by way of being reproduced into new productions in other theatres. The Cultural Foundation will make decisions on publishing the anthologies at a later stage of the initiative.

The Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland (Svenska kulturfonden) will take part in the initiative by offering similar grants to Swedish-speaking theatres in its November application period from 2022 onwards.

Grant Application Schedule

Applications close at 4 pm Finnish time on the last day of the application period. The application period will repeat on three consecutive years between 2022-2024.

Who May Apply

The World on Stage Grant accepts applications from registered organisations and working groups consisting of private individuals.

Applicable Grants

The maximum grant sum is EUR 40,000. The grant is intended to be used for expenses incurring only after the grant has been awarded. The maximum duration of the grant period is two and a half years.

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