Ruth McGowan

Three quick questions to Ruth McGowan, a director of Dublin Fringe Festival

What is the competitive situation on the European market for performing arts?

There are many excellent festivals in Europe, all searching for works that are the perfect fit for their curatorial remit and for their audiences. Each festival has its own character and idiosyncrasies, just like each work of art. If you can communicate clearly and authentically about your work and your ambitions, collaborators and people who share your sensibilities will find you. 

What is required from theatre groups that want opportunities to perform internationally?

I believe that if you take care of the art, the art will take care of you. So, work passionately and with rigour on the ideas that compel you as an artist. Don’t rush. Hold a steadfast commitment to your impulses. Make the best possible version of your creation. When you put the work first, everything else will follow. 

You read the plans of the groups that applied for the MOTI programme.

What types of skills do you think the Finnish artists and groups displayed?

What impressed me most was the thematic ambition detailed in each application. Each body of work proposed was rich in ideas, had a strong sense of identity and a steady forward-momentum.

Ruth McGowan spoke to Sari Havukainen, communication manager at TINFO Theatre Info Finland