#kenenteatteri #vemsteater #whosetheatre: a social media campaign

This campaign is about promoting the diversity of theatrepractitioners and the contents of their work in order to better represent today’s multicultural society. 

Do the people who make theatre come from a diverse enough group? What kinds of performances do we typically see in the theatre and what are they about?

Get involved from: 9-16.5.2019!

The campaign aims to raise awareness of the structures that govern the theatre industry, challenge unconscious bias in casting, and confront the lack of transparency about how theatres choose which plays to perform. We want to prompt debate and take action!

Please use the following hashtags when sharing relevant images, text and videos on social media:

  • #kenenteatteri
  • #vemsteater
  • #whosetheatre

There are several reasons that many of us do not believe that the Finnish art scene is inclusive and diverse enough in comparison to the realities which we live in society. We do not see the diversity in action. We do not see it ‘enough’ on the walls of museums and galleries, theatres and in the municipalities’ major activities.” 
(Sepideh Rahaa)

Take part in the campaign by telling us how your theatre currently supports diversity and inclusion and how you plan to develop and improve moving forwards. Theatre belongs to everyone, so let’s make sure it represents all of us!

What does diversity mean?

Diversity means respecting our differences, understanding that each individual is unique, and recognising that everyone has a valid contribution to make and a role to play. It is also takes internal diversity into account, which considers each individual’s background and identity.

Diversity represents people across every social differentiation. These differentiations may, for example, be based on: gender; sexuality; socio-economic status; age; physical attributes; disability; appearance; religion; language; cultural differences; ethnicity; political outlook; or different ideologies and beliefs.



The full transcript of Sepideh Rahaa’s speech:



Kampanjasta suomeksi: Anna kasvosi teatterille, joka on kaikkien