Play Rape (PR)

Theatre: Anna Paavilainen
Premiere: 2014
Play Rape (PR)

PR has been performed, for example, at Baltic Circle Festival and on the main stage of The Finnish National Theatre. The Swedish version PLAY RAPE PÅ SVENSKA premiered in Hangö Teaterträff June 2016. The premiere of PR played in English is planned to take place by spring 2017. In the rider the word HOST will be used for the promoter/organizing venue/festival/theatre, and the letters PR for the Play Rape production meaning both Anna Paavilainen & Pietu Pietiäinen (tour manager / lighting, sound, stage).

Touring information

Running time at full length 70 min.
Interval no
Stage required (height/width/depth) Black box with a minimum of 8 x 8 x 4 meters stage area, viewed from 1 direction Seating for 50-500 people with good visibility to the floor level of the performing area, rise min. 25 cm per row, 1st row on stage floor level.
Scale of show / Special requirements Other kinds of venues are possible but have to be agreed & planned with PR in advance. No smoke, no cigarettes, no matches, no fire, just a microwave oven with popcorn & noodles on stage. Basic silent & dark & empty & clean professional stage. No rigging
No. of people on tour 2-3 (depending on the need of the person to take care of the surtitles).
No. of performers 1
Used language Finnish - Swedish - later: English
Requires a clear understanding of Finnish or another language without surtitles: yes
Subtitles in English
English synopsis on demand.
Simultaneous translation no
Touring season from Winter 2016
Availability for workshop and educational work on demand

Key personnel

Directed by Anna Paavilainen
Written by Anna Paavilainen
Performers Anna Paavilainen
Lighting design Pietu Pietiäinen
Sound design Pietu Pietiäinen
Stage design Pietu Pietiäinen

Contact information

Contact Anna Paavilainen
Position producer, director, performer
Telephone +358443086083
Links password: Baltic2015


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